Rotary Engine

Hi guys,
I have recently been working on a rotary engine model which I plan to sell on a model site (e.g. turbosquid), and I have been wondering about the pricing, I have uploaded the renders so I was wondering if you could give me some suggestions/comments or feedback on this which would be great.

Squidifier :evilgrin:


Is this modeled off a real engine? It looks like the pushrods are pretty thin. It’s hard to imagine them being able to open and close the valves. But what do I know, I only work on motorcycles and the occasional trunk and car.

I have a hard time imagining what’s inside the crankcase.

9 cylinders, huh?

Sorry that I didn’t address your question about price. I have no idea about that. Maybe I should have kept quiet!

Thanks for the comment, and yes it is based on the rhone rotary engine, and I will try to alter those pushrods. Other comments/critique welcome!

here is a photo of the crank case

The design made me curious…
Le Rhone 9C:

A WWI aircraft engine.
15 Liters displacement and 80 HP !

@loop solid state bearings and crank shaft
strange enough it seems to be breathing from there

The entire valve gear is pretty much wrong … check the references
The way it is i would not give a cent for it.