Rotasiz Kaptan (Routeless Captain)

-This is my simple racing game. Work in progress. Im making a real town. I used google earth for this. AT game, You can choose two different vehicle.
-When you choose a vehicle and game began, if textures looking bad, Press esc button and at menu choose again same vehicle. Then you will see textures are maximum good.
Download exe: New version with nitro. ( I used some environment which i took from some blend games )
-Thank you

EDIT: For some graphic cards menu photos arent there. If you click true area, you can play.


If you want to see how process is going, go to my blog:

Really awesome progress! I like it. I have a ton of buildings if you want you can use?

Thank you Jesusfrk if you have some good cars send here.

Yes, I have tons of cars (including the oen your using) but I didn’t make them.

Jesusfrk i found a lowpoly textured chewy blazer, if you want i can send here.

game updated. at this version you can use nitro and automatic shifting. i think my game will be 2 players split screen game.
im looking easy way to make multiplayer lan game. But i dont know how to do it

Cool! You can post the link to the blazer, but I might have it. :slight_smile:

good game progress!