rotate a mirror modifier? possible? To mirror an object in 45°

Hi there
is there a way in Blender to mirror an object and rotate it in one step? I bet there is. For example if I want mirror an stucco edge arround an 45° corner. I will attach an image to show what I mean. Hope that makes sense. In 3dMax I would use an symetry modifier (I guess its the mirror mod in blender) and rotate the gizmo 45°. After that I could check “weld vert´s”

How could I do this in blender? Any idea?
Thanks in advance



There is probably a faster way but this is how i would do it.

1.Mirror the object along the origin, (edit mode, make sure scale and rotation is applied) select everything, change selection to active element, select everything and set the vertex at the bottom as the active.

2.Rotate the object by 45 degrees in edit mode around the active element (bottom vertex)

3.Use the knife tool and cut from the bottom vertex (the active one) upwards, snap the knife tool with “C” key to cut in a straight line, if your object has thickness then you will need to toggle cut though “Z” key to cut all the way though the object.

4.Delete the leftover vertices on the other side.


Rotation values are doubled, so 45 actual degrees will be 22.5.

uh, sorry. Forgot to reply. THANKS A LOT for your help. first reply is the “manual” way, but worked. Thanks a lot.