Rotate a poly face in edit mode, seeing current rotation transform

Imagine a door (my poly face) that is open with a random angle, i see it from the top, what i need to do is to rotate (and change the pivot from the center to the door hinge) around it’s z axis so it’s aligned with one of the other axis.
Better… i need to now the current global rotation transform (i.e. suppose that before the rotation it’s (0,0,5), i want it to be (0,0,0)).
How to see the rotation transform in edit mode, change the pivot position for the rotation?

I still cannot figures this out…

Not sure what you want. Do you want to change the pivot point to the hinge or something more?
To move the object centre, set the 3d curser to the position you want the centre to be. If this is at a vertex, select the vertex and Shift+S / curser to selected.
To position the object center to this location in the Mesh panel select the Centre Curser button.

Well, the first thing i want to know is… is it possible to see the current rotation of a face/edge (in edit mode), as i see the object rotation in object mode (in the transform panel)?
If not, see this picture:

How to rotate the highlighted edge so it’s aligned with the other lines/grid?

You can show angles between edges and one methof of aligning edges is to set up a custom transform axis and scale the other edge along that axis.

The quickest way is to select the vertex, than just move it to align it, using the view you have. Eyeball it. If you need to have it absolutely positively exact position, you can key it in using Transform Properties; hot key N.

Yes, the only matter is that when i had that edge rotated i hadn’t any other reference to align it to… :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ll try with custom transform thnx.