rotate around axis of bone ?

I want a certain bone parented to an object to rotate around the bone’s axis

how can you animate that bone to rotate cycles on 360 degrees

do I need to set the object vertical or horizontal first do the anim
then change location rotation ?

I want the screw to be as shown on the right and rotate around it’s main axis
not vertical or horizontal

and in N panel what coordinates system should I use
is it easier with the Axis angle or other methods ?

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If the screw object is a child of the bone as shown, then use the bone’s rotation to reorient it to the angle you want and animate the bone’s rotation using the Normal option, most likely rotating on the bone’s Y axis. The screw as a child will follow the bone’s animation.

Parenting to a bone: Select child object, select parent bone, Ctrl+P, choose “Bone.” The object will then require no weight painting for that bone.

I did that
but also need to use coordinates axis angle
then make it linear and cycles
but also set world angle to degrees or have to use radians

but not easy to get it going as wanted !

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Don’t forget to rotate the bone about its Y axis - key R YY etc.

This tut may help you with spinning objects more than 360 degrees without the little sods flipping about the place. :mad:

Or post the blend file and I will “doctor” it for you…

Cheers Clock.

S**t, I am feeling generous just now: :eek:

And a blend file:

screw.blend (468 KB)

Just press Play to see it working. The you can stop it and rotate the bone about its X or Z axes and press play again then you can watch it for hours :spin:

Cheers, Clock. :slight_smile: