Rotate around selection - Only in edit mode

Hi everyone.

I love the "rotate around selection option in blender preferences.
And I was wondering if there is a way to have it only work when in edit mode.

When I’m focused on a vert and then go to object mode it snaps the camera to rotate around that whole object (as expected), but I’d prefer the camera to stay where it was in that case.

Is there’s an additional setting or addon you guys know about that would allow for that workflow?

User preferences -> interface, there’s auto depth and rotate around selection. Auto depth picks the point under the mouse cursor to help navigation. Also enabling rotate around selection overrides that whenever you have something selected.

If you deselect in object mode, there’s still an active object and pressing tab goes back to edit mode, but the navigation uses auto depth. Selecting something in either mode rotates around selection, and having nothing selected uses auto depth.

Don’t know an addon.

That helps a TON!
Thanks @JA12