Rotate axis for object?

(Tonberry) #1

Is is possible to rotate the axis for an object (without actually rotate the object)?

And also can I set the lenght for an objects axis somewhere?
Some of my object have so small axis so I have to zoom a lot to see them! :frowning:

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(Pooba) #2

Well, ctrl-a would be the best thing to do (it sets everything up for you, the y axis in front so you can use track-to, the z axis to the side so you can use the FH settings, ect) but that will rotate objects parented to the object. The 2nd best way to do it is unparent everything from the object, go into editmode, rotate the vertices so that the axis is right, then go out of editmode and rotate it so it’s right-side up again. Then re-parent.


(Tonberry) #3

thanx Pooba! :smiley:

(nlin) #4

Scale the object (not in editmode) with β€œs”. This scales the axes as well.
Remember that by scaling the object you are changing the object matrix, not the
actual mesh vertex positions - depending on what you are doing, this may or
may not be relevant.

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Ditto :slight_smile: