Rotate object axes to snap

How do I rotate object’s origin (axes) to snap to any edge or vertex of that object?
I tried many methods but it seems just impossible. I don’t know if rotating axes even respects snapping.
My object is off grid and its axes are also off grid, and I want to align red or green axis to one of its edges. All of them are horizontal (the object has Z=0 dimension).

snapping axes - question.blend (841.4 KB)


I’m not sure how snapping is supposed to work, but here’s what I’ve found so far:

  • clear (or apply) current rotations, so that axes are aligned to World (alt + R);
  • go into Top Ortho view (Numpad 7);
  • snap to an edge of your choosing.

It just won’t work from other views or if it already has rotations :thinking:

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Yep, this works :smiley:
I was trying to do it in 3D view and was just pressing R > Z to lock rotation to Z axis, and that pressed Z actually suspended snapping. That’s strange, I’d even call it a bug, but I’m glad it works at least from top view.
Thank you for a lightning fast solution!