Rotate object

Today I download 2.53 beta and try to rotate the object (cube) with the mouse, but both grid and object comming with. Is there any trick to rotate only object.

Thanks in advance.

select the object and try the 3d manipulator widget, or press r and start rotating, type r followed by (x,y or z) to limit the rotation to one of those axis

rouwad, thanks for reply.

Yes, but at 2.49b I press my mouse (Middle) and object rotating. With animating I use R and RR to rotate object.

The middle mouse button should rotate the view. Unless in the Options panel it is set for something else.
Sometimes my mouse button does nothing, sometime it just zooms (which is a scroll function) and sometimes my middle mouse button picks up my guitar and plays a riff which I have never seen before and can’t repeat. mysterious.

baal, thanks for helping.
I have try everything. Maybe I need to do somthing in 2.53 user preferences. I press middle mouse buttons with the scroller and move the cube (object) but everything comming with. Lamp, camera and the grid?