Rotate Player Heads

How would i go about rotating a player head (to 180 degrees) depending on which way the camera rotated for 3rd person :P? perhaps a python script o.O – i think i saw a thread about this a while ago

You could create an animation of the head looking right (0°) straight forward (90°) and left (180°) in 180 frames.
When you use the action actuator you can assign a frame property which holds a property with an integer value between 0 and 180.

I guess you could read out the camera rotation and take the value in relation to the angle.

I believe you could go with a Track To bone constraint with the head bone focused on a target object (a non-collision cube, for example), and then use the Armature > Run Armature actuator on the armature.

I there are a couple ways you could do it,
here is “cam demo”

mouse look?

do you want him to lean out to look around a corner?

use the same trigger as moving the camera to apply torque to the head rigid body?


CamDemo.blend (474 KB)