Rotate View not working

I’m not sure why, but I can’t rotate my view with the middle mouse button. When I click and hold the middle mouse button and move my mouse, nothing happens. I’m stumped as to why it’s not working. Am I not doing it right?

if your middle mouse button does not work try pressing and holding the ALT key and your left mouse button then move your mouse as that will rotate the view, as for the mouse all i can say is try it with another app to ensure that it is working
if it is go to the user prefferance icon and see whether the rotate option is checked under middel mouse.
if that still does not do it try reinstalling blender.
and if that does not work ask some one eles cus im stummped.

It works with Alt-LMB. Thanks man!

Weird thing is, I can zoom with the scroll wheel… Clicking it just does nothing…

Do you have your MMB set to do something like double click or internet back or something in your mouse software? (Logitech e.g. has a key-binder program, and unless you set the mouse wheel click to ‘middle button’ or whatever it won’t work for stuff like blender).

Nope, all is factory default. Might it be because it’s wireless? At school (yes, for some strange reason, we have Blender installed on our school computers) with a wired mouse it worked fine.

If it helps, it an MX 600 Wireless, came with my EasyCall Desktop.

happens to me on my mouse to. the mmb on mine just kinda blows. and alt click is easier i think

Yeah, I have actually gotten used to ALT click and ALT + Shift click too. I think I need to print off the keyboard shortcuts or something though.