Rotate whole animation by 90 degrees

Hi guys,
I have couple simple animations made for main character for game Rigs of Rods and let’s take idle animation for example.
Right now my character is facing -Y forward and Z up(blender default) but I need it to face X forward and Z up when exported,
thats axis orientation does not exists in swap axis menu when menu in ogre2blender exporter. So is there a way to rotate my animations as I
need them without breaking rig and animations, I google it but could not find solution.
long time ago I asked same qiestion here but I don’t remember was it working or not, I tried it but without luck. Also I found here but can figure out how to apply rotation. My model cant be downloaded on link below

Hi, if you select the root and rotate, then the character and animations will not be broken.

I tried that but exporter resets animation to default orientation, it detects that armature is rotated in send it to default position

Did you save the file after rotating? if that didn’t help then try key framing the rotation.

rotate the root bone and then apply transformations to that bone with Ctrl A

When I rotate root bone and apply transforms it mess up my rig and animation

You’ll need to apply the rotation on all the other bones as well I believe

You must be doing something wrong, “apply all transforms” works for me.
Link to fixed file:

You can use Geometry Nodes to rotate the actual meshes after the armature deformations. This will be the cleanest method and you do not need to mess with anything else.

If the GeoNodes path seems complicated for what you need, just use the lattice modifier after the armature modifier for your objects and rotate the lattice. The objects can share the same lattice object.

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Yep rotating root boon did the trick tnx guys

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