Rotating a model

I need to take different models (for example: Niagra Falls) and render then from some fixed P&Os.

My problem is that my P&Os assume the model is parallel to XY plane in Z=0, and the model I found is rotated and translated.

Is there an easy way to find the normal to some point in the model, and rotate the model according to these fixes angles?

I tried rotating with the mouse but it’s too coarse for me.

I’d appretiate any help or other suggestions.

Thanks :slight_smile:


To get more control when rotating with the mouse, there are two techniques.

First, position the mouse pointer far away from the center of rotation. The closer the mouse is to the center, the greater the rotation for tiny mouse moves. The further away, the more you have to move the mouse to get the same amount of rotation.

Second, holding down the Shift key while dragging the mouse turns on “fine tuning” which cuts the rotation down by a factor of something like 10 times, so you get a LOT of fine control.

You can see the normals by turning on either vertex or face normals in the mesh display panel of the n-tool shelf (in edit mode), but that will show all the normals, not just normals for a single face or vertex. With a terrain model, that will probably look like a crazy pincushion.

You might pick a representative face on the model, and extrude it along its normal, to get something visible to use to orient the mesh, then delete the extrusion when you’re done.

You can also use the keyboard.

Select the model,press R,Press Z,X or Y depending which way you want to rotate it,use the number keys to type in the angle and press the LMB to set it.