Rotating animation reverts back to the original position, when manually angled?


Working on a turbine pointing that needs to be pointed down at an angle.
I parented the fan part to an empty, and I got the fan continual spinning great, using linear extrapolation. <-(not sure if this was the correct way, or the “linear” part is my problem.
But, when I try to manually angle the model (including the fan.) When hitting play, the fan part reverts back to the original position.

But seeing as its a rotating object within a tightly confined housing. I cant quite figure if I need to set the individual key frames for each axis to make the fax spin at the correct angle. <(This would seem an extremely long winded procedure for something so basic.)
I cant find any. (And I really have researched over and over) if there is an easy way to accomplish this.

Also if the housing (or whatever) needed to move (animate) at the same time. (say up and down) as the inner rotating object. The same problem becomes (until I learn how its done) more complex.

I tried Shape Keys, but then read they are not used for rotation. And I cant see (but may be wrong) that bones would be needed in this type of animation.

Any help, replies, or links would be greatly appreciated.
I hope this (what I am trying to explain) makes sense.


not entirely sure I understand your description, but that’s probably an issue with rotation order on the empty. Unless rotation order is set explicitly to what you need, this won’t work and euler angles are going to give you weird results. So either parent your entire contraption to another empty that you will use for the tilt and the tilt alone, or try another rotation order. If you chose to do this, rotation axis should come before “tilting axis” - for instance if your rotation axis is X and your tilt axis is Y you should pick either XYZ, XZY or ZXY.

(…) make the fax spin at the correct angle. <(This would seem an extremely long winded procedure (…)


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And thank you so much for this reply.

I think I know what your saying.
And I will be giving it a go, on the euler side. I am not very au fait on that whole thing yet.
But thanks to you will be getting more into it.

I’m not quite sure on the adding the whole “contraption” <-- that made me chuckle, to the same empty. Did you mean the fan part as well as the housing?

I will report back with my results.
Thank you so much again. :sunny:

PS, just noticed… lol meant fan, not fax. :blush:

It worked a treat.

And I will admit to feeling a bit of a duffus.
I didnt need to even use the euler. Just parented the whole contraption to the fan.
Which I didnt do before thinking It wouldn’t let me then just spin one part of it.

Thank you again Hadriscus. :smile:

Excellent, glad you managed to make it work. That’s how you would usually go with more complex rigs (IK excluded) : a bone parented of another bone, and so on… usually when you need an element to rotate about one particular axis without disturbance, you make sure not to touch the others axes, hence all the supplementary posing and orientation being done on the parent bone/empty.

Didn’t even notice that - the “fan spinning being a long-winded procedure” is what I felt was funny. I’m easily amused with english, bear with me heheh.


Sorry I didnt reply earlier. Been a rough day.

What you said, kind of floated around my brain a bit… lol.
But I have found that over the past few months of learning (mainly from YT, and forums, as well as just experimentation.)
That some things, as this is very new to me, I just dont understand, and then something clicks and it works.
Like this thanks to you.

I have 3 other questions. 2 about flat surface (animated, and no animated) applied to meshes,
outside of having to take the unwrapped UV map into photoshop.
And one about soft body physics without using an animation cycle, that I just cant find answers to.
Or again when I do they seem ridiculously complex for what I’m trying to achieve.

But after your excellent reply, and help. I will open new threads asking these nuggets. :smile:
And hope I can get as much forward movement in learning as this.

Oh and as to you laughing at not the “fax” but me saying “long winded, and fan spinning.”. Lol I’m actually really pleased the irony of what I was trying to say came over. :grin:

Thank you again Hadriscus.

Pleasure to have been helpful to somebody as friendly as you (not everyone comes across this way) !

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