Rotating around cursor

Learning blender, great fun, but I’m having trouble figuring out how to do the following:

I have rigged a character with a rig that includes a root bone to move everything (similar to nozzy’s rig). Now I want the character to rotate on the ball of his foot. I place the cursor at the pivot point I want (ball of his foot), set rotation pivot to cursor, select the root bone and rotate it around the z-axis and voila, it doesn’t at all do what I expect it to do (namely rotate around the ball of the foot). Instead it rotates around some other mysterious point that I haven’t been able to identify (not the pink dot). What’s going on and how can I do what I want to do?

Thanks for any help!

The period key beside the comma not one on the numpad sets the pivot point to cursor. The is also a selection box in the 3d window header to change the pivot mode (hover for the tooltip).


Yes I know, that’s what I meant with setting the rotation pivot to cursor (sorry for messing up the terminology). It works perfectly fine if I e.g. rotate a vertex point around the cursor, but when I try to rotate my rootbone, it doesn’t. Actually, I just realized that it is as if the center point of the bone is offset from where I see the bone on the screen, is that possible? Edit: Scrap that, if I move the cursor around, it’s not consistent.

BTW, this is pose mode if that makes a difference (it might since rotating the bone in edit mode works perfectly fine).

PS. Your (and Metsys’) video tutorials are by far the best resource for learning blender. The blender docs is often a cause of frustration, but those tutorials were fantastic. I hope you or somebody else find the time to cover some of the other areas of blender (like the animation system) as well. Thank you!