Rotating Emblem: GIF animation made with Blender

Seeing that there’s a lot of real advanced stuff here, I’ll be showing you some mediocre thing I made to test my Blender skills (I’m a beginner)

Its made using a combination of Blender and GIMP, Gimp to put it together as a GIF, blender for everything else.

Here it is:

Anyway there are still some problems with it you guys might be able to answer:

  1. The Anti-Aliasing ain’t working, The above image has an Anti-aliasing of 16 in Mitchell but its still aliased :frowning:

  2. I’d like it to have a more metallic look, but if I alter the specular (like to 25%) it seems more like a ceramic to me and not like a metal…How to solve this??

  3. I think its rather ok, but still: The colors (darkred and gold in the animation) were added by using an UV-map by assigning darkred to the wings and head front and back. Gold was assigned to the borders. When I dont subsurf the emblem the colors stick to their assigned part but when i set the subsurf (in rendering) to 4 the colors start to blend (I mean the border become jagged and arent straight anymore). How to solve this??

Thnx in advance

Reskaillev El Mimonok

It needs to have something to reflect to look metallic. Maybe put some random objects behind the camera with a pure white material set to shadeless.

This might be a really easy thing to do but I can’t get it work.
The Emblem itself is rendered with level 16 Mitchell but the edges are still jagged.

Might this be because of the alpha layer which the anti-aliasing doesn’t use? Or doesn’t recognize?
Anyway how to get anti-aliasing on this animation??

Anyway here’s the emblem:

Thanks in advance,