Rotating IK chain

I’m having a problem with an IK chain I’ve set up rotating when I move it rather than just moving with the target bone. The setup is for an arm, and the target bone is at the wrist. When I try to move it forward or upward, all the bones in the chain start to rotate with eachother so the arm isn’t reaching straight, the elbow is lifted to the side into the air. I’ve found that changing the pole angle in the IK Modifier after moving it can straighten it out, but using that as a solution would mean I’d have to change that number every time I move the arm.

I think you need to use a pole target.

I am. I think it would be easier to explain the problem with pictures of the rig, is there a way to take pictures of the 3D viewport without rendering? Like a screenshot?

If changing the Pole Angle works for that movement, does it NOT work for other movement?

In other words, if you set the Pole Angle so it works for the movement you’ve described, leave it there and see if any other problems come up. If not, leave it and the ‘new’ value.

Screenshot --> CTRL + F3

your ik musn’t be a child of the chain.