rotating mesh curve vertex normal

Do you have an idea how one could rotate the vertex normal of a mesh curve?
It looks that based on the vertical position of the rings in relationship to the object 3D center the normal vertex rotates.

you answered you’re own question…

Normals vector are perpendicular to 'gon vertex/face. you are viewing in perspective mode as opposed to ortho., so it is illusion of perspective. believe all you can do is switch direction they are facing by 180 degrees.

oh curve! used to be ‘T’ key on <=2.49 dunno what it is now.

I think he means mesh edgeloops (without faces), not curves (for curves it’s actually Ctrl+T).

He answered it himself, that vertex normals point away from the center point. Easy to check: Add a circle, go to edit mode, show vertex normals, duplicate circle in edit mode and move around

Sago I was asking if there is a way to rotate them - but as it looks now you cannot.

I understood your question, I just wonder why you need to do this. Sometimes we need the normal direction for a certain effect (particles for example), but I don’t see why you need it without faces. Just wondering.