Rotating/moving bones along axis


I got it

was stupidly easy. Local view…

I’m sure I’m missing something here.

When my character is walking in a straight line, a walk cycle is pretty simple. I can go into side view, get the rotation I want, move it to where I want it to move etc…

But when the character is walking diagonally for example, or slightly bending their walk, how do I keep rotation and movement to the correct axis? It seems to take me ages, with movements slightly off alignment from where I want it to be.

The closest think I have got to what I’m looking for is to move my viewport view to a rough side view angle of the character and set the axis to view. But this is a pretty crappy way of doing it.

change the rotation mode (bottom of the 3D view, in the middle, with the icons for translation, location and scale), Usually at default it is on “Global”, I think you want it on “Local”, or the one that will represent exactly the reality and your curves is “Gimbal”.

I hope that what’s you are looking for!