Rotating Multiple Objects at Once

Is it possible to rotate multiple objects at once? I can move multiple objects that have the same pivot-point, but not objects that have different.

My problem is that I’m making a solar system, and I want to animate it. However, while I can rotate the planets around the sun with ease, I can’t get the moons to rotate around the planets at the same time. The moons’ pivot-point it the planet they’re orbitting. The planet’s rotation point is the sun.

Is it possible? Or do I need to find another way to animate this?

I would use paths and path constraints, that way you can draw ellipitcal orbits or at least approximations of them with the paths. ** A great utility would be a python script to create accurate elliptical shapes, there’s probably one around or one of the Python guru’s here could probably write one. **

Create a curve/path object for a planet. Add a path constraint to the planet with the new path as the target. Then add a smaller path for the moon(s), then parent the moon(s) path(s) to the planet’s path.

You can adjust the orbit speed by selecting a path, then go into the IPO editor and choose the path IPO then edit the curve.

Btw if you’re interested in space, have you seen the Orbiter Space Simulator ? An absolutely fantastic FREE program.


If your question is about rotating a bunch of objects individually, change the Rotation/Scale Pivot, located on the bottom bar of the 3D window, about center, change it to ‘Individual Centers’, then select away(meaning select all the objects you want, there is no ‘away’ to select :slight_smile: ), when you rotate, each object will rotate around it’s own center, instead of the median point of all selected.