Rotating only while accellerating or moving?

Hey I’m trying to do some kind of car sim where you can only turn while accellerating and moving. Is there some way to do this or anyone have a premade script I can use? I’m trying to avoid using Python as much as mossible :stuck_out_tongue:


Also, how can I get an object from a previous scene over to the new one without having to recreate it :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks so much

If you want your car to only turn when it is moving then simply connect your forward motion sensor to your turn controllers. That way only when you are activating both your forward sensor and your turn sensors is turning possible.
I’m still new to this so someone else will probably have to help you on the second question.

Just to clarify what he said:

Connect the Keyboard Sensor(go) to the [and]
Connect the Keyboard(turn) to the same [and] and make it so that the turn action only happens when you have the go button pressed.

Wait… that’s still confusing…

Make your go, and your turn keyboard sensors… Nevermind.

Someone better at logic, please help.

here i made sample:

arrow keys move.

please don’t comment on the gfx :wink:

The rotation point isnt correct is it - do you need to use an offset for the ‘turning circle’

For the rotation point, you could click the object, go into edit mode and then move the mesh to wherever and the rotation origin will be where you want. I’m not sure if you can move the origin, but that’s the one way i know how to do so.

Clone dadd, I figured out a better way of doing this. Use torque and set a mass to the object.

Here are my settings:

Mass: 2.00
Rot Damp: 0.90
Torque: 3.00