Rotating Parent |Camera (child to parent) vectors all screwed up 2.66

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  3. The problem
    Hello, I am having an issue where I am trying to set the camera to an object (a tank in this case). Forward and backwards work fine. Left and right rotation work fine, but NOT while in the First Person/Camera view. When I rotate the object along the Z axis, the camera suddenly breaks it’s plain. What am I doing wrong? I can’t find any good documentation on this either.

you can download the blender file here. Just open in 2.66 go to first person camera mode (0 on num pad) and hit P to run. (p to exit again, if it xfers over in the .blend file) W moves forward, S moves backwards, and A and D screw it all up.

Please let me know the best practice for doing this. I dont want ot use a script because I want to learn it myself.

  1. Thank you for taking the time to actually read (and hopefully a response). I have a feeling this is just a Bad Practice I am using.

I didnt actually change anything just played what you had so far. On ’ tank.Applyrotation’ you can apply rotation on the axises and then you have a boolean (Ture or False) which means Local or World rotation. Trying changing this around.

Edit- Actually found it right after posting. Select your tank and then look at your Property panel / Object and see that your rotation on the Z axis is 720. This is bad when you go and apply more rotation thru logic or code. So while your in object mode and not edit mode hit CTRL+A and apply ROT/SCALE. Your scale was off too.

THank you! I was wondering if my scale is too small for the physics system. I am still learning the ins and outs. I appreciate you taking the time to reply and look it up.


Well I am not the official on this but Ive found the physics to be better when you model to real world dimensions… So if you set your Property Panel/Scene Tab Units to Imperial or Metric then try to model evrything you want to simulate to real world dimensions. If you model something at too large a scale it will fall like its floating.

But always check and see that your rotation and scale are 0,0,0 or 1. It helps with physic, armatures and parenting.

One more question if you have the time. CTRL A is great but when is the right time to use it? Are changes not made immediately?

Well I would definetly apply these before applying an armature to a mesh, and I would make sure the armature has a scale of 1. If you try to set UV’s you will get a warning telling you to apply your scale. This always seems to be a pitfall for new blender users and especially the new BGE users. In time you will remember to keep an eye out for your scale. A general rule I use is to scale and rotate in edit mode if the model hasnt reached a finished state yet.

if i am just modeling, i usually apply rotation and scale (CTRL-A) whenever i notice its not 1:1:1. if physics aren’t behaving the way i expect them to, scale is the first thing i check before anything else. just last night i was having trouble with a health pack pickup item in my game. i discovered that the physics didn’t like one of the dimensions being less than .5 blender units. i dropped the health pack and it went right through the floor. it acted a little better after changing to triangle mesh bounding box but it would still twitch a bit. as soon as i increased the z dimension to .5 it was fine. keep that in mind.