Rotating particle objects at the same time

I’m using particles in Blender 2.47 and I can’t find the solution to this problem:

I made an emitter (a plane) and I use an object as a visualization for the particles. I want to rotate all the particles at once by rotating the object thats the source for them in order to have more control . The problem is that the particles rotate at different points in time - at the same time relative to the start of emitting a certain particle. Is it possible to rotate them at a the same time the source object rotates regardless of their current position? I assumed that the options global and absolute in the extras tab would make this possible but I had no results. Also is it possible to emit particles at the same time rather than successively?

Thanks in advance


You can emit the particles all simultaneously by changing the “start” and “end” values to, for example, frame 1 and frame 2–a gap of only one frame. Then all the particles will be emitted on that frame.

Oh yes, that helps. Thanks a lot.