Rotating the 3D View

I was trying to find a way to rotate the view in steps around the Y-axis in the Top view in Blender 2.79. When I could not, I tried in Blender 2.82. Surprisingly, if I started in the Top Orthographic View, when I try to rotate the view, either using the numpad 4-6 or 2-8 keys, or by using the center mouse button, the view changed from orthographic to perspective! Please tell me there is a way around this.

Assuming there is a way to remain in orthographic view, I still would like to know if in Top view, there is a way to rotate around the Y-axis. I can use 2 & 8 on the numpad to rotate around the X-axis, or 4 & 6 to rotate around the Z-axis. The key binding refer to “Right” and “Left” or “Up” and “Down” so it’s not obvious if it is possible to enable Y-axis rotation.

using num pad keys
to rotate around Y just go into top view and then rotate the view in Z or Y

if you are in front view numpad keys rotate only on Z and X

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Since I didn’t get a reply about the switch to perspective view when rotating the view, I did some searching on the net. Apparently, when you initially install Blender, it enables Automatic Perspective. If you turn that off in Preferences, the switch doesn’t happen, see the attached screen shot.

Still, if there is a way to rotate the view around the third axis (Y-axis in Top View), I would like to hear about it.

not understanding why not just select everything you want to rotate, move cursor to selected, then (select and) rotate camera (in the xy) around the cursor?

in 2.8 at top right there is a widget to turn the viewport too !
just select axis and rotate it

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@themnax, in Top view the numpad keys, 2 and 8 for example, rotate the view exactly around the X-axis (in user definable steps). Also, if you were in orthographic view, the rotation remains in orthographic view (with Automatic Perspective off).

One could do as you say, however, you would need to set the camera to orthographic (if that’s what you want), move it so it is looking parallel to the Z-axis, and rotate it so the Y-axis is straight up. Then, if the cursor is the pivot point, you could rotate the camera in steps. I had hoped there was a better way.