Rotating wheels blur

Hello again my Blender friends :cool:

I need to do few renders with running cars and i wanted to know is it posible in Blender with BI renderer make wheels blured coz Photoshop dont give good results and rim angles ar not easy too :eyebrowlift2:


motion blur?
try animating the wheels really fast and put on motion blur here:

but render time will increase.:smiley:

Or you can use mblur from the compositing nodes, but I’ve never managed to get it to work.

Thanks guys :yes:

With help of Ionee i made it work for me :yes: later i will post what i got :wink:

Well this is what i got :rolleyes:


Motion blur takes about 10x longer than vector blur. Depending on what you want, I ALWAYS use vector, here’s a link: (it’s very simple and very good)