Rotating Yin-Yang Tutorial

I saw this animated gif on the net and thought it was great so I decided to make my own and this is how I did it

Nice job, I always loved that little picture. Now what I want to do is render it with some funky materials… :slight_smile:

You could show us the result on the top of the tutorial but otherwise it’s good.

Gusnaz: Great job. Thanks for publishing a tut. As a suggestion, you might want to check out Bezier curves or Nurbs and use them when modeling curvy things like yings and yangs; i think you’ll find it sooooo much easier and more fun.

Nice. For a pseudo-Buddhist like myself this is kick-a**. I downloaded Blender over a month ago but haven’t played with it much. It just seemed to frustrating and time-consuming, but you’ve rekindled my interest, Gusnaz. Thnx.


Being a beginner this tutorial is fairly easy to understand. Though I have gotten to a point that I do not quite comprehend. It’s at the point after you created the first half of the yin-yang and It’s circle where you are trying to delete the two lines that show up…
You say to select the edges that you did not select before.
I dont quite understand what that means and am having trouble getting rid of the lines with out getting rid of the faces that are attached to thoes lines. i tried simply putting the faces back in and they put the lines back in. am i supposed to just put a face in that spot and not worry about having two separate faces in that area or am i doing something wrong?

  • Sorry, I seem to have figured it out now… though it may be benificial for some people if you explained that after deleting the one edge you create a new face by selecting the side edges and pushing f.
    of course I can tend to have duh moments and this just might have been one of them.

Hi Guznas,
Thank you for this nice tut. I changed the rotating values of the Ying from plus to minus in order to get the correct rotation. It was fun to do and I love the result. Thanks again.