Rotation about own axis at arbitrary angles

Hi there!

i can easily set-up and prepare a rotation about Z of a ring lying in XOY plane. It looks like this:

Now I can rotate the ring on 90degrees about X, i.e. it is no longer lying but standing, then using the same IPOs I receive quite a different rotation like this:

BUT I want it be about the new object’s axis!!! In that case it is easy - I will change IPOs to implement a rotation about X rather than about Z. BUT I will have my object at many different orientations like this (plane of object and XOZ form an angle = 30 degrees):

Is there a common method to achieving rotation about object’s local Z, i.e. about an axis perpendicular to the ring itself??? (2.49b please)


Set a keyframe rotation around the z axis. Then parent it to an empty and rotate the empty to the angle you want.
rotate.blend (68.9 KB)

Oh, thanks, Richard… That’s the set-up I was looking for! :spin:


oh my, this is the answer for my question that i was looking for!

Richard, you have saved my day! (night)
THX man ;p

I think, it is ZiggyPox…

Actually, I tried some tricks with parenting but I was trying the oposite of the correct solution - to parent the empty to the ring… and of course, this didnt work! :stuck_out_tongue:

Another alternative, I was thinking of, was to use Transofrmation of bone movement (rotation) but - again - I wasnt clear how to set-up the different angle(s)… Richard’s proposed solution is simplier anyway! :spin: