rotation_euler or bge.types.KX_GameObject.applyRotation (Python method, in Game Types

Hi does anyone have an example of how this works to rotate an object?

I place the objects via addObject which works, but then I need to rotate each to a different position every time,

I have tried :

    block = scene.addObject('block', place)

gives a message that “object has no attribute rotation_euler”

and also
block = scene.addObject(‘block’, place)

but the rotation does not work?

Rotation_euler is the python attribute for BPY. It is a different interface to the BGE API.
applyRotation works. Therefore, either the script isn’t running, you’re trying to rotate a SoftBody or you’ve set an angle which makes it look like it isn’t rotating.
See here

Rules for rotating and moving objects in the game engine (angles are in radians):

# Incremental Rotation:
obj.applyRotation([DeltaAngleX, DeltaAngleY, DeltaAngleZ], local = false)

# Incremental movement
obj.applyMovement([DeltaX, DeltaY, DeltaZ], local = false)

# Absolute rotation:
obj.localOrientation = [AngleX, AngleY, AngleZ] # local
obj.worldOrientation = [AngleX, AngleY, AngleZ] # world

# Absolute movement
obj.localPosition = [NewX, NewY, NewZ]
obj.worldPosition = [NewX, NewY, NewZ]