rotation from position with fall off

hi, new blender user here, just wondering if anyone can help? i have a selection of ‘titles’ that i want to rotate in the y axis until 180, the closer a cube gets to it and then rotate back to its start position the further away it gets when going back on itself. then i would also like the surrounding tiles to also follow the rotation but at a slower speed depending on how close they are to the cube. - it would be like the begging of this video but the cube controlling the roatation and the tiles that are further away are effected less.

this is how its set up at the min as small test.

any help would be much appreciated

This sounds very complex, in short i would suggest just animating each tile, through the sequence you want to play. However regarding your rotation effect, this can be done using the Childof constraint. spinning cubes.blend (497 KB)

Rotating the main cube will effect the others but only slightly, however after reaching 180 degrees they snap into a different rotation which might not look so nice.

Here is where animating it would be easier.

To get it to work for each cube your going to have to set the Childof constraints of the surrounding cubes which is going to take a very long time. Then for you closer effect, i’m guessing you would use near sensors? (a lot).

Again animating this whole thing would be at least 10 times easier and more efficient.

I really have no clue of how to go about getting all of this to work in realtime, without lots of prewritten scripts on each object.

well i have managed to get the center two blocks to rotate when the cube comes in close using the ‘near’ sensor but when the cube goes back on itself the rotation does not reverse and the only way i have managed to get it to reverse was using a second ‘near’ sensor but inverted, but then this causes the the tiles to continuously rotate in one direction until the cube goes closer (a constraint wont hold it). i will try using an animation and maybe the flipper action on the action actuator.
but thanks for the help

Made something in python.


rot tiles.blend (1.18 MB)

WOW thanks, that is almost what i am looking for, the only thing i would like tho, is that they don’t rotate back until the cube goes back over them. but what you have came up with here is great thank you

hi, would it be at all possible for you to explain how you made this script? as i have tried to emulate it in my own work but it will not work. i have even tried a stright copy but that dont work either, thanks