Rotation of Pivot is bugged?

If we try to snap to marked vertice while rotate the pivot - its always be off.
Initial pivor rotation:

After snapping to vertex:

As you can see local X now pointed in complitely wrong direction.
I make experiment and try to snap Plain Axis and Arrows instead of Pivot - same results.

Snapping geometry works perfectly fine:

So what the problem with pivot and, i guess, other entities which are not geometry?
Is there a fix for that?

Hmmmm… I got snap rotation to (kind of) work by doing it from one of the ortho views (Front, Side, Top) :thinking:

Snapping will work in any mode. I was thinking about ortho view and was hoping what rotation snapping would work fine but no, it produces the same incorrect results.

I cleared rotation first (alt + R) and then snapped

I was try to experiment with ortho view + apply rot. and transform.
Its buggy as hell ) A few times it snap perfectly. Other times - it fails.

Maybe its a bug in 2.92. But anyway, personally im currently abondon idea to set up pivot that way and use different approaches.