Rotational array?

Ive been checking out tutorials on how to do something I use alot and in Blender 2.77 it seems to be a real pain. I am used to seting my pivot to the centre of the object I want the array to rotate around and pesto. Anyone know how to do this? Creating an empty, o worse selecting the mesh you want to rotate around doesnt work, even after resetting scale of the, and /or the empty and checking offset the copies get wacked offsets.

Any help or links appreciated.


The Hardops addon comes with a plugin that does just that!

Unfortunately its paid.

But it’s only 5 bucks.


in max I hear they used to pay 50 bucks for the bevel modifier so…
its kinda the norm in the cg industry i guess :slight_smile:

import bpy
from math import *
from mathutils import *

radiusX = 3
radiusY = 3

obj = bpy.context.selected_objects
L = len(obj)
Len = (pi*2)/L
Cur = bpy.context.scene.cursor_location
for n, ob in zip(range(L), obj):
    pp = Len * n
    ob.location = Cur + Vector((sin(pp)*radiusX,cos(pp)*radiusY,0))
    ob.rotation_euler = (0,0,-pp)

This script will place all selected objects around the 3d cursor.

wait wait… Simple array modifier with object transform can do that, no need for script

Alternative workflow:

  • add a circle
  • add monkey (Suzanne)
  • parent monkey to circle
  • select circle, and in the object properties set the Duplication to “Verts”
  • check “rotation” in order to rotate each object relatively.

Add a subdivision modifier to double the number of monkey heads. Or adjust the number of vetices manually.

This works with faces as well. And mesh modifiers may be applied as well - for example, the circle can be projected on a sphere with shrinkwrap. Then hide the sphere.

Btw, the duplicator mesh is hidden during rendering.

Thanks for all the solutions! Will try them out now.

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is there a way to have the aray around on object (empty or whatever) NOT laying in 0,0,0 location ?

hi fdfxd, I have Hardops, but can’t find the option for this “extended” array, could you point it out ?

If you watch the the cursor is at the 0,0,0 location, but it have select cursor as pivot point. so yes, select any point, then control+ s, cursor to selection,

If work the same, if you do an rotated copy array using spin function under edit mode.

thank you lane !
spin function under edit mode is a good option. I use it seldom.
In my case I have four legs of a stool and I want them editable for future beveling materials and so on.
I could also use alt+D to duplicate and then rotate them around the coursor the first time and alt+R the second and third.

But somehow I’d like to understand how the array function work, also for sharing with other people working with me, and I can’t believe it works only for object with location 0,0,0.
if I “clear location” of the empty, it takes my array in the wrong position.
See picture, and if you like, blend file.

array.blend (997 KB)


I think [0,0,0] should be relative to where you want array to be located - seat of the stool in this case.


called “radial 360”

I made around 2 years ago addon for this.