Rotoscope tutorial?


I have been searching a Rotoscope tutorial for Blender.

I would like to learn, how to add to the real life flick a buff of dusts here and there, when bullet are hitting to the ground.

Thanks for the advance.

Technically it sounds like you need tuts on compositing, where rotoscoping is just a tool for that. This link is a little dated but one of the best I have seen:

The newer masking tools are much better and should make quick work of setting up your masks.

Superb tutorial, thanks for sharing.

That is a great tutorial series, however, it’s a bit outdated, as dancerchris says.

Here’s a demo of the newer rotoscoping tools, which are MUCH better for rotoscoping, as they are designed to do just that.

Here’s all the tutorials from the Tears of Steel DVD. You’ll also find plenty of roto examples in there, too.

@hype While it is nice that someone posted these files on line, I believe that it might be copyright violation.

Nope, there is no copyright violation.
All files are under cc-by

Just like project Orange, and Peach and Durian, the end result itself and all of the production files are being published under the Creative Commons, free to be reused and for everyone to learn from.

Not roto but compositor use and some garbage matteing.

Nope, there is no copyright violation.

Indeed. One of the best things about Blender, the materials they create, and the community. :slight_smile: