Rotten Fruit Fight!!!!!!!!!!

Loki officially starts a rotten fruit fight. He begins the action by lobbing a rotton pineapple at…X10…“Mwahaha!” :stuck_out_tongue:


fires kiwi right inbetween rixtrr eyes!

(thats what you get for building cool cars!) :x

HauntHouse gets a moldy orange hurled at his…Toe!!! Inside is a secret note: “I’ll ally with you, but only if you start an offensive battle campaign against S68”

Nayman gets barrage of squishy bananas from rotten fruit thrower for modeling faster than me.

And X10 gets a super barrage of very brown squishy bananas for being too uppity for his age.

My first barrage of super rotten smelly fruit goes toward X10, SKYRACER, DEMONRACER and whoever the hell he is!


(Note- I’ll ally with anyone who builds really cool sailing ships)

I think Dreamsgate deserves a fistful of overripe blueberries in the hair. What a mess.

And scottishpig gets a pound of rotten ham chucked at him. He gets hit in the shin (loki’s aim is horrible), and Loki dragges his limp body into the middle of a field of flowers, where he lays, unaware that he is being giggled at.


<~~ blengine takes all the rotten fruit peices on the battlefeild, collects them in a basket, takes it home to feed his family… =)
spares one rotten pumpkin to throw at scottish pigs contact entry so it gets destroyed and doesnt win…hehehe =)

Sorry Loki, but your message never reached me…
I took this for an attack and the master of movements caught the orange with his foot and with half sonic speed threw it back onto its owner.
now I´m heading for the door

Hahahahaha. You have underestimated Loki, god of of impossible tricks. Loki turns back time, the orange never hits Loki, while a trampoline appears and bounces the orange back at HauntHouse. I sentence you to eternal confinement in a big comfy chair, where you shall be eternally smitten with big soft pillows and served some coffee and crumb cake, at your leisure. So proclaims Loki, God of impossible tricks. All hail Loki.

As I hear the trampolin appear, I call Hanuman, the great ape god with his mighty staff of miraculous power, and he protects me. I learned the foot trick from him and he is 12 thousand times better than I am.

Loki, miserable pathetic wannabe god, stay out of trouble or I`ll get Thor to do something nasty with his Hammer and an Umbrella to you.



pofo waits for his bag of apples to rot… Could take some time :-?

  1. pofo

Loki, silly boy . don’t you know botanicals are good for your hair. dreamsgate now has beautiful hair thanks to Loki. and he get large bunch of brown bananas in the face.

Take that little God, BTW, aren’t you supposed to be chained up as a wolf somewhere?

takes a large banana ans shoves it up loki’s nose…


next up, my mango has a rednevouz with dreamsgate!


(gets hit with killer logan berrie grenade)

Goofster gets some applejuice, opens the cap and throws a curveball at loki. (I KNEW juice is made out of ROTTEN apples!)

Silly, you should know of my great son, Fenrir:

Fenrir (or Fenris) is a gigantic and terrible monster in the shape of a wolf. He is the eldest child of Loki and the giantess Angrboda. The gods learned of a prophecy which stated that the wolf and his family would one day be responsible for the destruction of the world. They caught the wolf and locked him in a cage. Only the god of war, Tyr, dared to feed and take care of the wolf.
When he was still a pup they had nothing to fear, but when the gods saw one day how he had grown, they decided to render him harmless. However, none of the gods had enough courage to face the gigantic wolf. Instead, they tried to trick him. They said the wolf was weak and could never break free when he was chained. Fenrir accepted the challenge and let the gods chain him. Unfortunately, he was so immensely strong that he managed to break the strongest fetters as if they were cobwebs.

After that, the gods saw only one alternative left: a magic chain. They ordered the dwarves to make something so strong that it could hold the wolf. The result was a soft, thin ribbon: Gleipnir. It was incredibly strong, despite what its size and appearance might suggest. The ribbon was fashioned of six strange elements: the footstep of a cat; the roots of a mountain; a woman’s beard; the breath of fishes; the sinews of a bear; and a bird’s spittle.

The gods tried to trick the wolf again, only this time Fenrir was less eager to show his strength. He saw how thin the chain was, and said that was no pride in breaking such a weak chain. Eventually, though, he agreed, thinking that otherwise his strength and courage would be doubted. Suspecting treachery however, he in turn asked the gods for a token of good will: one of them had to put a hand between his jaws. The gods were not overly eager to do this, knowing what they could expect. Finally, only Tyr agreed, and the gods chained the wolf with Gleipnir. No matter how hard Fenrir struggled, he could not break free from this thin ribbon. In revenge, he bit off Tyr’s hand.

Being very pleased with themselves, the gods carried Fenrir off and chained him to a rock a mile down into the earth. They put a sword between his jaws to prevent him from biting. On the day of Ragnarok, Fenrir will break his chains and join the giants in their battle against the gods. He will seek out Odin and devour him. Vidar, Odin’s son, will avenge his father by killing the wolf.

So Ha, no matter how many rotten fruits you throw, You will All Diiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeee at the time of Ragnorak.

Loki tells Thor he is not afraid of him, and to shove his hammer up his nose. Bwahahaha