RotX and RotZ both rotate around Z axis

Blender 2.49a (64-bit Windows)

I encountered some strange behavior when working through a tutorial and isolated it down to something I could do with just a cylinder:

  1. Open Blender
  2. Select and delete the cube
  3. Space->Add->Mesh->Cylinder. Accept defaults
  4. “N” to bring up transform properties
  5. Enter “90” for RotY and it rotates around the Y axis
  6. Enter “45” for RotX and … it rotates about the Z axis instead
  7. Enter “45” for RotZ and it also rotates about the Z axis, but in the opposite direction.

I searched and found a post about an issue between object and world transforms. The solution was to use Ctrl-A->“Scale and Rotation to ObData” to reset everything to world space. That worked, but I don’t understand why.

It’s almost like the X axis and Z axis ended up parallel to each other, but in opposite directions. I think I can understand that an operation might be relative to object space, but I would expect it to be consistent for the same operation. What am I missing?

I can’t duplicate that problem on mine.
It rotates on each axis after hitting enter.

Ya, the first 90 degrees on Y seems to throw other axis out even with the default cube. I rotated it by just clicking on rotation arrow on Transform Properties.