Round float values

I often spend a lot of time rounding numbers to the tenth of units
for example bevel size 0,2 instead of 0,201981
or moving 1.5 meters instead of 1.510463318
It would be super convenient to have the function of rounding off interactive input from the interface.
the snapping does not always work, especially at different scales and different types of data
I’m forget to say
!!!Snapping don’t works in perspective mode!!!

For Bevel asks PM Howard the might be able to do something

but not certain it can be done for all vars on UI !

happy bl

I don’t understand what is meant by the phrase “the binding does not always work”.

I changed the interface “info” strip code recently to round the displayed value to 3 digits for display, but I don’t think that’s what you are asking for, brothermechanic. Are you asking for some mechanism by which when you use the mouse or slider, it always just ticks over (as internal value) at some user-specified unit (say, increments of .1)? For the sliders, there is such a “tick” specified internally but it would be a little complicated and maybe confusing to let users set that. And there is no such “tick” for mouse-adjusted values.

Are you aware that you can just type numbers when bevel modal is active? So if you use the mouse to get to a value you like the look of and the value displayed is 1.510, you could just type 1.5 and the amount will be set to exactly that (well almost exactly; you should know that internally it is impossible to represent a number like 1.3 exactly because of the binary number system used; but it will be very close).

i mean snapping, of cource)

may be
but, this is musthave feature, isn’t it?

i alway do keyboart input for round values, this is terrible (

This mechanism released in N panel (try to drad left <> right on x transform you get round value)
why not to do the same for interactive input in 3D?

But how should the tool know what increment to snap to? .5, .1, .05, .01, … ? The N panel mostly uses .1 increments – is that what you’d want?
And should mouse movement snap values similarly? Besides brothermechanic, I’m interested to hear what others think too.

I am fine with the present system. Dragging on sliders for general value, text input for specific. Being able to set units to millimeters helps a lot in that regard. Having said that I have never used grid snapping in Blender.

I read somewhere that the UI Panel is not a python script anymore but codec in C so hard to change from user point of view !

for var like that I usually enter a fix value in the field and it works fine
so not a problem

but having a tick increment of 0.1 might be nice too for some people

happy cl

In case of Inset operator, using a modifier key like Ctrl is a way to switch interactive sliding to another parameter when operator have several ones.
But after a validation, you can round values in Redo panel by using left click drag, ctrl and shift modifier keys as in a panel of N column.

This is what i mean

is it possible add round (or snap) feature to interactive editting actions too

Yes. Do it in redo panel closed at left bottom corner of 3D View.

I know, but this is so slowly
but, for now this is onlyway (((

I’m forget to say
!!!Snapping don’t works in perspective mode!!!