Rounded wall with cubes, not texture...

Good morning!

I just started fiddling about with Blender, a brilliant software! While managing certain things already, I’m struggeling as I want to create a “wall/tower” alike structure, but not simply by using a texture, rather with indivdual cubes so I’m able to design each one individually or later extract a cube or two. Is there a way to do this with a few steps, e.g. cutting a cone or using it as reference?? I experienced so far that simply multiplying cubes and arranged appears to be tough task, as I don’t manage to align them properly.

Any suggestion from an advanced user? That would be great!


Good morning and welcome to the forums. Check out the wiki article below regarding the array modifier. I think this is what you may be looking for.

Best of Luck!

Aye, yep. That’s it! Thanks for the hint and the welcome! I’m sure I will have numerous questions as specially in the beginning. I already ordered the book “The Essential Blender”, this will help a lot I believe…

Another question actually, though not sure wether to post it in this thread or rather open a new one.

Even though it’s physically impossible, I’d like to have a view on a part of ball, sliced into numerous equal pieces and slightly spaced - also able to select each part individual and move it, disintegrate it. I think the biggest problem is, that I’d like the parts to be cubes (like in the cone), which usually wouldn’t work all the way around. They can be rounded on the outside, but the sides should be rectangular. As there’s always a part of the ball in the shadow, I don’t really worry about the joints. I simply would move it out of the camera’s sight. Any idea how to work out that? I guess to complicated with the array function, no?

I quickly managed to design a curved wall out of cubes with the Array-Mode, but two questions came up:

a) How do I extrude a single cube from the wall? The ungroup function is not doing anything
b) I can form the numbers of cubes around a curve, is it possible to do this around an object too?


After using a modifier, if you click on Apply in the modifier panel, you will end up with a single object with individual bricks that you can modify. When I use any modifiers, before using Apply, I usually make a copy of the part, and put it on a different layer. That way, I can always go back to the original.

I’m not sure about forming the cubes around an object.

Thanks, that already helps a lot!!