Routemaster Bus

Modelled and rendered in cycles. Textured in Substance Painter.


Nice, it’s very conceivable that this bus was doing the routes for a long time. The number of small details show the amount of effort placed into the piece.

Though I have seen on the news before (years ago) that London was getting rid of them (much to the disdain of would-be tourists who would love to ride the iconic things).

Looks lovely.

This is really cool. I would change the background to white, black or dark grey though, if your just showing off the model :slight_smile:

There are still a few of these in operation on some routes. The engines were updated to make them more efficient and less polluting. It was seeing them at new year that gave me the inspiration to model one.

Lots of great detail. Beautiful work.

Beautiful and amazing model and reconstruction.

And speaking as a Londoner. Much missed as well.

All the best.

Beautiful model!

Very nice - as Ace said about the details - really nailed it - great textures

Can almost smell the realism.

Good stuff, really impressive work !

Here is a quick test animation of the wheel rig: