Roy G Beats - musical tower defense (early alpha0

I’m working on a musical tower defense game with some shooter and puzzle elements. It is in mid-alpha right now with the main gameplay mode ready. You can check out a vid of the first gameplay footage here:

I need an artist for the game. It is a very simple concept an I’d love to have some folks from the Blender artist community help out with the 3D. I’ve got a budget of prety much 0 (using Audacity, Unity Indie, GIMP, and Blender), but I can shell out a couple hundred for someone who does a great job and takes direction well.

Let me know if you are interested - even if not doing the art, but just interested in the game. I’m just now starting to expose it to the public and could use some feedback/testing from interested persons.


very nice! this looks like it will be a very fun game! I will definitely keep my eye on this :slight_smile: