royalty free music

I noticed this in a news feeds today. A finnish musician has released his new album royalty free in the net. You can use his tracks free of charge in your projects. The music style is synthetizer like Jarre or Vangelis. Pretty decent sounding stuff.


Cool link. Thanks.

cool, I’m downloading it right now, might come in handy :slight_smile:

Sounds interesting, but I am going to listen to more of it before I make a final decision to use it for anything. However, it is nice that you can edit it and change it to your liking. Of course, if you’re not a musician, that won’t really help you.

Excellent, this may yet be just what I needed for my project.

Thanks for the link

It reminds me of Vangelis “Direct” album


jamendo blender artists.

Some really great stuff, thanks for sharing.

Try “”. Sony makes the Express version of their music mixing software available for free, as well as a weekly 8pack of loops. All sony loops ROYALTY FREE.

I just used this guy in my recent animation. Useful resources to be sure.