Royalty free music

Hi, I was wondering if anyone here knows a good place to get royalty free music, for free or for a low price.

With royalty free I mean I can use it as many times as I want, in games, in movies, tv commercials, youtube video’s, with 100 viewers/listener or a million, playing it on a party… without having to pay anything (more) to any artist or “criminal” institute (like SABAM in Belgium) that is supposed to collect in name of the artists.

So, something that I don’t have to worry when using the music in any work. Commercial or non-commercial work. That the average track does cost more than the average track on a cd is not a problem if it is really royalty free. But I would also like some totally free ones to use on non-commercial projects.
What they did, didn’t really suit what I was doing, and they’re not particularly great, but they’re all right I guess. I’m following up on this.




You have to give credit though, so you can’t use it free for adverts.

Hi guys!

I just find this on Vimeo projects forum and is really cool, great resources! :smiley:

Hope it be useful for you! :wink:

looks good!
if someone knows more links let me know too.

friendly (but a bit useless) reminder that royalty-free is not the same as CC0 license: you won’t pay royalties, but normally still needs to give proper credit

Lol. 7 years later… thanks for the reminder :wink:

Yeah, you see a whole lot of incompetech credits. Depending on your use case, credits like that can look really tacky. If you’re just making youtube home movies, it’s fine. But I see a lot of pro/semi-pro work with credits like that, and it isn’t a great look.

I use soundcloud and search for cc0, there’s quite a bit of decent stuff on there.

ok, apology time.

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