[Royalty] House of Demons - Need Talented Individuals

The last post accidentally got deleted somehow, sorry about that.


The game will have a very serious and dark atmosphere to it.


You and your girlfriend go to visit your father and your other relatives who live in a massive mansion in a semi-remote area of the Alaskan coastline. You discover that no one is home and you enter inside only to be chased by the slasher into a room. You are trapped inside the mansion and must survive and find out what happened to your family.


In the game you will be able to craft items and you will need to eat and sleep to stay alive. You will be able to barricade yourself in any room you choose in the mansion, each room has its own perks such as item storage, amenities etc.


The demons are the only enemies in the game(Besides the bosses and Satan) Some of them can be viewed in the concept art below. The demons we plan to have are(These are working names, and not actual names of the demons):

  1. Slasher - 7 ft of terror, this demon is smart, quick and extremely deadly.
  2. Thin Man - This demon has a habit of hiding behind objects and grabbing the player.
  3. The Watcher - This demon has huge piercing yellow eyes that never blink, it is quite a frightening sight to see in the dark, and even more frightening to see in the light.
  4. The Crawler - An invincible demon, he appears at random times around the mansion and can kill the player instantly


The game will have RPG, Survival, Puzzle and crafting elements in it, with an emphasis on survival RPG.


Chay Hawk(Me) - Enviornmental Artist, Lead Project Manager, Level Designer
Kim Van Deun - Demon Concept Art, Assorted art
Dujon Allen - Character Modeller
Manuel Lopez - Asset Modeller, Texture Artist
Ben Kong - Rigging/Animation
Gabriel Villar - Blueprint Programmer


Available position(s)

1/1 CLOSED Animator - We need someone who can do good animation work AND rigging. We have 2 characters ready for rigging and animating. Knowledge of Persona will be very helpful.

1/1 CLOSED Blueprint Programmer - You must have a working knowledge of Blueprint, Unreal Engine 4, 4.9 and the ability to communicate with others and work together.

Things you will be programming:

-AI - We have a basic AI that Chases player, wanders around but it needs to attack player
-Fixing current Inventory System and Stamina system (making them work together)
-Create a Basic Stealth System

0/1 NOT OPEN YET UI Designer/Programmer - We need someone who can design good looking User Interfaces for House of Demons.

0/1 NOT OPEN YET Particle Effects Designer - We need someone to design particle effects for weapons, demons and anything else.

0/1 OPEN Floor Plan Designer - We need someone talented to design 2d floor plans for the mansion. I designed the mansion but am unhappy with it, I am not an architect, you dont need to be either but if you can design a huge game map layout of a mansion interior, please contact us, we need your help.


Here is some concept art we have so far:



Slasher Demon

Thin Man and Troll

The Watcher


If your interested please contact me at: [email protected]
or send me a PM.


1/8/2016 - Slasher Preview Video

As of 1/7/2016 we have these things done.

VERSION: Prototype 2.0

-Assorted construction assets, refining of the mansion has begun
-Slasher is rigged
-Slasher has idle, running and roar animation (Not refined yet)




-Started working on Dialogue Script
-Refined Design Document

As of 11/28/2015 we currently have these features roughly implemented in the game.

VERSION: Prototype 1.0

-We have a few models made and imported into the engine.

-I have started the first pass at the HUD

-Continued Level optimization
-Added temporary “Flashlight” to player
-Crawler near completion

As of 11/28/2015 we currently have these features roughly implemented in the game.

VERSION: Prototype 1.0
PROTOTYPE 1.0 INFO: This is the prototype phase of our game, and as expected will not be very functional or pretty, however at this stage we are getting everything we can into the game and then in the Alpha versions, will work on making them work and refining things.

Day and night cycle

I dont believe a day and night cycle needs much explaining, i’ts pretty obvious what it does :slight_smile:


Physics Furniture

What you see in the photo is placeholder furniture made into physics assets. The furniture is movable so the player can use them to block doorways to slow down and prevent demons from entering their base.


Simple AI

We have a very simple AI at the moment. It randomly wanders around and gives chase to the player when it spots them.


Stamina and Inventory System

The stamina and inventory system have been implemented as well, however there is a slight hiccup with the inventory system, the jigsaw grid does not show up when the stamina system is activated.


I’m a little confused… Why the Get-Your-Own-Software disclaimer? Aren’t you using Blender?

Also, is this gonna be an open source game, a paid game, something in between?

Hi, the reason for the get your own software disclaimer is that I have been asked several times before to buy software for people, so i just put that up. This is going to be a closed source game, payment via Royalties.

Bump, still looking for people.

Looking for Animators and C++ and Blueprint programmers. Please note that Knowledge of blueprint is mandatory.

Forgot to add, also in need of animators, have a character in need of rigging and animating for the prototype version.

Still looking for C++/Blueprint Programmers, also need animators. Updated post as well, changed it around and made it look nicer and added some new pics of what is done.

Nice I like the concept art. I’m assuming your looking for devs for volunteer work, as in no payment?

Hi iamthwee, thank you for the compliment. Yes we are looking for people for deferred pay, Royalties.

Still need animators who know how to rig!

quick walk in the mansion:

Looks like a promising start, but I guess you need artists as the game looks a bit bland, keep up the good work.

Hi, thank you :slight_smile: I just got the first 10 models into the game, I only have one Asset Artist but he’s doing a great job so far. Just need animators that can rig and use Persona. We have a demon completely ready to go and I believe there is another, the thin man who is also ready and our character artist is working on the Crawler right now.

what is Persona ?

Persona is UE4’s in engine animation editor. It’s used for editing skeletons, skeletal meshes, animation blueprints and other animation assets. Knowing it isn’t necessary to join but it will definetley help.

can you post a wire frame of finished model for rigging ?

Sure thing, here it is:

it would better to see it before triangulation :stuck_out_tongue: right now it looks like a mess :stuck_out_tongue:

oh, sorry, im not sure how to do that, im not a modeler :P, what mode exactly do i go to to get the picture you need?

it’s not a mode the person who modeled his character should have it before exporting to game that look more like this