[Royalty] Indie Game Looking for Skilled Character Animator

Hello again, Blender Artists!

Our call for recruitment here was successful last time, so we are happy to turn to you once-again!

We are an international team of 8 developers doing a garage game project alongside our day-jobs. We are approaching our alpha version. We are prepared for all of the foreseeable challenges this difficult task might present us down the path, having faced quite a few already. We shall overcome them, as we have before. In fact, we now request help for expansion!

We are looking for either a quick-learning and very talented Blender animator, or a skilled, experienced one, to take our game and its main character to the next level. The position is indeed responsible and challenging, but we offer a fair share of our revenue in return.

This is a long-term position, and we desire a reliable core member who will be an integral, creative contributor in our team. If you’re interested in something like this, and would like to hear the details of our project and our business plan to be able to decide about participation, please email me at:

enemigo22gg [at] gmail [dot] com

or drop a message here! :sunny: Thank you for your attention!

Bence “MeltingSnow” Pese

Our project improved a lot since we advertised here last time. We are near to alpha, most of the core features working and only a few animations are missing to close it and start to work towards the beta version.

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To make it clear, we want more and better ones for our future beta. :slight_smile:

There isn’t too much action here for now, so let me reveal a few more details:

-Professional animators rigged our characters and created our existing animations.
-We have two core people in the team with usable knowledge of animation.
-I know many people post here sth. like “come animate for me and we make a game”, we aren’t like this. We are making a game with or without your help!
-We brought an offer that can appeal to routined or professional animators, too, not just regular volunteers.

Unfortunately, as of right now, I’m unable to reveal more details of our project in public. Please inquire by contacting us!

The model has been rigged and is ready for animating. It’s actually a really great project!

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Yep. I join the guys a couple of months ago and I am pleased to work with them. The project is improving smoothly. We are learning a lot doing this. :slight_smile:

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Maybe show the rigg, because from experience “The model has been rigged and is ready for animating” means different things for people and that might help you find someone.

Thanks, they will be able to see it, we shall discuss such details in private with the candidates, with all adjustments necessary! We have 2 models with 2 rigs (both made by professionals), and one of them has like 20 animations, the candidates will be able to judge when they get there!

Today we received many good applications! Keep applying, people, we are happy to see everyone before making a decision!

We’ll try to respond as quickly as possible. And, obviously, we’ll notify if the position is filled!

We have received a large amount of good applications, thank you! We will soon select a candidate, so if you’d still like to apply, do it soon!

We’ve received awesome applications! We are closing the window this Midnight (GMT), after that, we won’t be accepting more applications. Then we will choose a candidate shortly, I’ll log back when the thread can be marked “solved”!

Thank you dear Blender Artists! This thread can be marked as solved, we’re not accepting any more applications! We are going to make a selection soon!

If a spot opens, we’ll be back! :wink: