:eek: blender is fun and hard.:rolleyes:

i need help creating an rpg. does anyone know a website or pdf or anything?

All i really need to know is how to make a charcter walk on a plane.
i would prefer not to use python, but if i must lay it on me.
i wan to make a really good game! but i need to know how to make a charcter walk first:(.

please respond if u have advice.:smiley:

I doubt you will find a Blender-specific tutorial. There is a RPG Template on GameBlender.org, in which you may find to be useful. Its main focus is on the actual programming aspect, rather than the other aspects.

RPG games contain a whole bunch of coding. If you’re looking to make something without code, you’re best bet is maybe some sort of arcade game, or a 3d platformer.

There are many tutorials all over the web that explain the inner-workings of an RPG game, but it’s up to you to learn that information, and convert it into something you can use to develop your own game.