RS6 Visualization

Hey guys!

Hope you all are doing well out there!

This is my latest little project of the beautiful RS6

The idea was to create something very crisp. Set in a abstract, minimalistic luxury house.

Full Cgi scene, and my weapon of choice as always blender and cycles, post in PS.

Hope you like it, and keep on rendering!



Beautiful :star_struck:

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@Johnhaens Thank you :smiley:

Despite I don´t Like Audi, these renders are lit! :fire: :fire:
Might I ask a close up of the tires?

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@Araxj Thank you!
Well the tires are a work in progress taking the procedural rout. i can hook you up with a close up later today! :slight_smile:

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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No post on them but it shows the tires. I am taking the 100% procedural rout, except for the sidewall :slight_smile:


You’re #featured! :tada:

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Oh thank you so much :smiley:

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This shader looks great!

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Hi, this looks great. The metallic paint looks really effective, looks the same as my car (the paint colour, not the car!). How did u get that fleck affect? Pete.

Exceptional work!

WOW, Perfect! :relaxed: :+1:

Wonderfull! The lighting seems to be absolutely perfect. Congratulation

Love Audi. Love this.

Lovely model! COuld use some minor grading improvement, but thats my taste

can you share material setup for the car paint and tires please? thanks…

Wow. Nice shape and shaders!
I would be great to see whole car wireframe and wheels in closeup.

And pls more details about, how?


Great result !

How did you obtain those caustics with cycle ?

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@badbunny Thank you! I am blending between a couple of materials using a voronoi texture and utilizing the fresnel node. I will be releasing the materials in an upcoming tutorial series. Just need to find the time ti finalize it :wink:

@blenderbreath @Knorbelix @Al_Pilote @Nitram_2000 @rombout
Thank you guys so much! :smiley:

@MichaelBenDavid I will be sharing it down the line in a Blender Automotive rendering course, it will cover all the parts of automotive CGi (except the modeling, if you want a good course for automotive modeling i would highly recommend )

@APEC Thank you! I am creating all the bumps and grooves using noise and mushgrave textures, then i use stuff like the geometry node and the AO to create procedural masks for the side (were i don’t want the material to be as rough) and the actual contact area of the tire :slight_smile: big node tree to make the tires procedural :wink:

@IMRB Thank you! Well cycles cant handle caustic like that so they are made in post :slight_smile:
i use this great package (ONLY 1$?!?!?!?) to create caustic for my automotive cgi, but i am testing some stuff out in render engines that can handle caustics better (like luxcore) i basically transform them into place and use screen as blending mode and adjust em with to fit the scene :slight_smile:

And a huge thank you for all the support from you guys! I love the feedback!