RSS feed?

I would love it if I could have all new threads sent to my news reader.

Is that feasible? What do you all think?

The new content management system will allow rss feeds. I’m not sure if we will use this feature…but it’s possible.


That would be really cool, then I could read it from my Livejournal friends list :slight_smile:

Hmm a rss-feed would be cool, this will be put on our list with a pretty high priority, good suggestion!


Any update on the RSS feed? I’m able to pull news from CGTalk’s News and Blender forums, but not here.

I find RSS incredibly useful; I sometimes forget to check elYsiun’s forums so having this will help keep me updated on all the latest Blender happenings. :slight_smile:


Any idea when RSS feeds will be enabled for these forums?