RTS demo (now with .blend download)

so i made this little demo to show how RTS games are posible with blender, its NOT GLSL, its almost totally made with logic bricks, the only python codes used in this demo are used for things that cannot be made with logic bricks(move objects with mouse, etc), the game is made with blender 2.49b (i really dont like newer versions)it has no sounds, no objective, and its only made to show up some of my work :smiley:

WASD-mouse scroll over edges: move camera
left mouse button: select units
left mouse button(with selected units): move units to position
right mouse button: deselect units
esc: close game

middle button: add unit*
space: add enemy unit*
when adding units they will apear where your mouse is pointing at




rts_demo.blend(blender 2.49)

oh and when there are no units of the enemy team in the screen, it lags a loooooooooooot, this could be for the tracktoproperty script trying to find β€œenemy” property and not finding it in the scene

hope all of you like it :smiley:

PS:if you are going to answer, no ,im not a starcraft fan, i was out of ideas and wanted to do a model for a starship without having to think :stuck_out_tongue:

so us mac users, (soon to go to linux after the facebook integration) can get in on this, without switching to boot camp, would you release the blend, also it would be neat to see your logic brick setup!

uhm, you will have to wait some time, as i have to translate it, but in the next few days i will post the blend(the .blend is for 2.49)

i dont feel so comfortable with the new versions as i feel with the old one, thats why i didnt changed yet
i have to confess something: as i dont know python i didnt do any of the scripts in the game, i got all of them from the internet :o
apart from that, yes ,all the other stuff is my work

edit: updated first post with .exe and .blend, feel free to use/modify the content of the .blend(but you will have to post it so we can see it :yes:) sorry, some things are in spanish(such as object names) but that is because i didnt had the time to translate it, hope you forgive me :o
i added some sounds in the new version, note also that this demo needs some advanced setings as squad formations/atacks that comercial RTS have
have fun with the demo, and dont forget that if you use this, any credit would be greatly apreciated :yes: