RTS-style navigation


First time in this department, I’m usually concerned with still renderings and some animations for arch. viz and such. But, I’m looking to make a foray into the real-time world.

I’m aiming to have a landscape/architectural model which I can navigate through, not by walking through it (FPS style) but rather but panning and rotating over it, much (almost exactly, actually) like Google Earth and such.

I searched the forums and interweb and couldn’t find any tutorials on making that kind of navigation so I was wondering if someone here could help me out? I would really appreciate a moment of someones time!

EDIT: I’m not asking someone to do it for me, but rather if anyone has seen a good tutorial or two or can offer a hint or tip on how I could go about doing that!

I basically just want to create some little architectural scenarios and then be able to view them in real-time, maybe have some stuff move around, while keeping the navigation dead simple.


Thanks for watching!

Tom Svilans

I’ve got it! Google ‘MouseLook blender’, or go to tutorialsforblender3d.com and have a look at their mouselook tutorial. Instead of applying it to the camera, apply it to your building. Apply both UpDown and LeftRight to it. That way, when you rotate the mouse, it rotates the building.