Rtx 2080ti is too expensive, has anyone tried it?

(arifoxs) #1

2080ti is the latest graphics card, but what about the performance of RTX 2080ti for blenders, I heard that RTX can do realtime ray tracing, which means RTX can produce good images in realtime,
the problem is I don’t want to buy RTX 2080ti for play games, but for editing videos, blender cycles, etc.
so I think realtime ray tracing is not useful if I use 2080ti not for games, right?
I just want to know that RTX 2080ti is good for blenders or not

(rbx775) #3

This still is without the dedicated ray tracing ability!
Not bad at all. I personally would choose one 2080Ti (for 1200€) over 2x 1080Ti’s (for 1500€).
If this comparison makes any sense. :slight_smile:

(Rolf) #4

It is very fast. Even the stock 2080 renders faster then a 1080ti.