Rtx 3060 vs 3060 ti ... 8 GB vs 12 GB

So rtx 3060 is confirmed to have 12 GB ram… I already have rtx 3060 ti with 8 GB ram(which I can return after a month). Is it worth to downgrade for some more RAM when it comes to modeling and sculpting in blender? Or maybe give it a year and see what happens. There will be better options like 3080 ti or 3070 ti, so i can always sell 3060 ti.

Hi, VRam does not help for sculpting or view port performance, it is a general problem with the Blender UI. Hopefully tackled this Year for Blender 2.93/4.
If you are fine with 8 GB for your projects it is not necessary to downgrade your GPU.

Cheers, mib

Wait, what? 3060 ti has less than 3060?

I’m confused also but according to NVIDIA at https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/graphics-cards/30-series/rtx-3060-3060ti/
Blendy is correct! Seems an odd decision unless it’s an error.

From what I hear this might be the RTX 3060 Ultra which would make it a different card.

it was confirmed on CES 2021

3060 has more RAM than 3060 ti

NVIDIA GeForce RTX: Game On Livestream - CES 2021 - YouTube

The Interface of the 3060 has 192 bit width (not 256 like the ti) , so due to GDDR6 having a 32 bit bus and being solely built as 1gb or 2gb chips, the options were to embed 6 gigabyte or 12 gigabyte.

And 6gbyte was no good option.

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I am not sure how Nvidia managed to make the midrange make even less sense than what was seen with Pascal and Turing, but here we are.

Then there’s rumors of a 3060 “Ultra” edition, does this replace the ‘super’ branding or are 4 variants of one card the new thing going forward?

:wink: I think not much has changed in recent years in how to restrict midrange gpus. Its always less shaders and bandwidth and sometimes a top feature is taken away completely. The memory thing with the 12gig here is just a result of the bandwidth limitations and the need to set itself apart from older gpus. But hey variety is good.

And yes I think ultra is simply the new super.