Rubber Bands and Flying WIP

Well I am working on this new animation and made a video to show my concept art. I have a bad wrist and so am unable to draw well, so all of my concept art is done on Blender. These images and test videos are not the quality of what the finished video will look like, they are just short sketches.

Here is the Video Sorry it isn’t in avi, the file size would have exceeded 370 mb’s. Please comment anf what not! Thanks.


pretty darn cool.

not quite sure what was going on, but whatever it is, you are doing it well.

I must be getting absent minded because I forgot entirley to explain the idea. It goes as follows:

The main character Captain Five is found on a hill where a tree tells him where he can find a lost teasure, he meets up with the second main character, Styles Atlas and they go on a voyage to find the treasure. That is it so far. I am trying to keep it strict to the architypal code so the plot is in no way creative.